AFID at a glance

The present day Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities (AFID), formerly known as Asian Federation for the Mentally Retarded (AFMR), came to life in 1973 by the first ever Asian Conference on Mental Retardation held in Manila, the Philippines, under the auspices of UNESCO from 19-22 November on the theme “Hope for the Mentally Retarded in Asia”. It was attended by 420 delegates from 21 countries, who unanimously recommended for the establishment of a regional body, now known as the AFMR.

Rev. Fr. Arthur Malin, (1902-1980) was the pioneer personality responsible for the first conference and was presented the first Honorary Member of the Executive Board. The AFMR, after its creation, started convening its conference (ACMR) in every two years’ time in each of its full member countries.

It was only at the 18 th ACMR held in Taipei on19-22 Nov. 2007 that the name of ACMR was changed to AFID and the conference therefore came to be known as the AFID Conference.

The Executive Board of AFID is elected by the General Assembly held every two years. The Executive Board consists of President, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Vice Presidents, the Immediate Past President and four Members at Large. The Board is also attended by seven Honorary Members as the representatives. It is also represented by the Secretary General,Asian Resource Centre-Japan, and Asia Pacific Journal Centre-Korea. It was during the General Assembly of the 21 st AFID Conference held in India that the permanent secretariat was shifted to Korea from Singapore.

In the election held at the AFID General Assembly during 23 rd AFID Conference in Dhaka (18-24 Nov.2017) that the outgoing President, Mr. Jowaherul Islam Mamun handed over the Flag of AFID to Mr. Sachidanand Shrivastava as the newly elected President of AFID (Representative of NAID-NEPAL) where it was also decided that the next 24 th AFID Conference will be held in Nepal in 2019.