Aim & Objective

The following aims and objectives of NAID-Nepal have evolved over the years in order to better meet the individual needs of people with intellectually disabled within the complexities of modern society.

  • To provide integrated, individualized and proper adapted special education to individuals with intellectually disabled
  • To provide meaningful employment and other forms of vocational opportunities
  • To educate the community on the preventive aspects of intellectually disabled and to make people conscious of their roles and responsibilities relating to people with intellectually disabled.
  • To work as the recognized advocacy organization for person with intellectually disabled.
  • To implement rehabilitation programs in collaboration with persons with intellectually disabled and their families.
  • To identify persons throughout Nepal who have intellectually disabled and to determine and meet their individual needs.
  • To advocate for social, economic and legal protection of people with intellectually disabled.

To achieve Aims and Objectives, NAID-Nepal is doing the following

  • Establish Resource and Family Counselling Centres, Home Visits Units, Special Day Care Centers, Pocket Programs, Pre-vocational and Vocational programs.
  • Establish Sheltered Workshop for vocational training and income generating activities such as making paper bags, envelopes, chalks, candle, incense sticks, and peanut butter.
  • Support home based rehabilitation activities such as chicken raising, goat keeping, sheep keeping, caning and other agro-based income generating vocational activities.
  • Enhance community based rehabilitation activities to get employment for these individuals into open employment programs in factories, automobile repairing workshop, in office as an assistance (helpe) etc.
  • Organize a regular schedule, competency based training and seminars for teachers, parents, social workers and volunteers.