Abstract and Country papers

Abstract of Papers

Suggested topics for paper writers:

  • Special/ Inclusive/ Integrated education with implications for curriculum planning.
  • Challenges faced at home, school, community and the workplace.
  • Transition management: moving from he world of academia to the world of work.
  • Use of assistive technology for children with intellectual disability.
  • Implications of existing legislative measures for people with intellectual disability.
  • Mental health and availability of health facilities with their implications.
  • Understanding intellectual disability from social perspective.
  • Understanding the intellectual disability from the cultural perspective.
  • The inclusion confusion for people with intellectual disability.
  • Success stories and lived practices for promoting inclusion of people with intellectual disability.
  • Development delays and disorders.
  • Family networking, support and inclusion.
  • Parenting children with intellectual disability.
  • The CBR approach to rehabilitation of people with intellectual disability.
  • Managing recreational facilities role of music, dance therapy for people with intellectual disability.
  • Moving from policies to practices of inclusion
  • The policy-practice gap in including children with intellectual disability.
  • Paradigm shift in the education/training of children with intellectual disability.
  • Early diagnosis and intervention of children with intellectual disability.
  • Disability rights including the rights of persons with intellectual disability.
  • Self-advocacy,empowerment and employability.
  • Yoga and medication for people with intellectual disability

Submission date of abstract for papers: July 31, 2019

Submission deadline for the full paper: September 30, 2019

The Scientific & Technical Committee will have the privilege to accept, edit or reject the paper without giving any reason.

Country paper  

Date of Submission: end of September 2019.

Guidelines for preparing the abstract:

  • The last date for submitting the abstracts for papers in June 2019.
  • Authors should ensure that their data and paper are not published in any scientific journal or presented in any national/international conference.
  • All abstracts for papers should be written and submitted in English only.
  • Abstracts should be submitted in the prescribed format, in MS Word, Times New Roman, font size 12. The abstract should contain topic, methodology, results and conclusions in words not exceeding 500.
  • The presenting author/s should register for the conference.
  • A student registering from University/College must produce an official letter from the department/institution.
  • Abstract should be submitted only via e-mail attachment.
  • Acknowledgment of the receipt will be sent via email.

Presenters will be informed about the date, time and duration of their presentation in advance.

Country paper

Each member country is requested to prepare a country paper for presentation at AFID 2019 Conference with advance copy reaching the secretariat by the end of Sept, 2019.

The Country paper should focus respective country’s perspective, including but not limited to:

  • National level policy decisions and programs for inclusion of people with intellectual disability.
  • Support services towards promoting inclusive education and training for people with intellectual disability.
  • Independent living practice of people with intellectual disability.
  • Legislative measures that promote inclusion of people with intellectual disability.
  • Implementation status of UNCRPD.
  • Disability Rights Movement.
  • Impact of socio-culture practices on intellectual disability.
  • Development issues related with intellectual disability.
  • The CBR practice of rehabilitating adult people with the intellectual disability.
  • Pros and cons of inclusive education practices.
  • Inter-organization collaboration and consultation for promoting inclusion.
  • Transition management practice: lessons learned.

Guidelines for the country paper:

  • An abstract is not required for the country paper.
  • The last date for submitting the country paper is Sept. 2019.
  • All country papers should be written, submitted and presented in English only.
  • The country paper should be prepared in MS word, Times New Roman, font 12. The paper should not exceed 2500 words.
  • The paper should be submitted via email at: awid@ntc.net.np. The email should clearly mention country name and address with title “Country for AFID 2019”.
  • The time limit for presentation is 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes for questions and clarification.